Murals are—>

A large body of art, most frequently a painting, administered to a wall or ceiling.

But these paintings are not just limited to interior or exterior surfaces.

A variety of cities beautify underpasses, overpasses, and sometimes even bridges.

And businesses use murals to add beauty or perceptions of scenes.

Murals used indoors tend to give the impression of more space or perhaps an entirely different environment.

The faux finish technique is also frequently used as a mural to simulate wood and stone appearance.

Surfaces can mimic weathered bricks, stones, white plaster, beautifully marbled wood or even the circus.



How long does it take for a portrait?—>

Am I going to have to sit there when you paint me?—>

The preferred choice is for you to get painted in person.

You will most likely only sit for up to, two hours.

I am highly skilled and can work from a picture(s) as long as it is an excellent picture.

Photos that have shadows falling right or left almost always work.

Using a flash with a straight on shot will almost never work.

You Should Click the Contact tab to get all of the proper information.

If I have to ship your masterpiece, Be Aware—>
It will usually take a full month for this fine art to come to a finish and have time for the oils to set enough for shipping.



What’s the Damage?—>

Portraits, murals and all painting vary so greatly in scale, perplexity and how elaborate the project.

Each commission is unique, and the only real way of telling the cost is when you tell me what it is that you want.

Contact Clark to give all the required details.



I’ve heard of Trompe L’oeil but, what is it?—>

That is a French term meaning “deceive the eye”.

It refers to media deliberately created as an optical illusion to trick the eyes into seeing false depth or similar effects.



Do you use a particular kind of paint?—>

I do use a lot of oil paint.

These paints cure slowly and produce brilliant, vibrant colors that create beautiful pieces that will be admired for generations to come.

Choice textures and delicate brush strokes blend very easily into the surroundings.

And are competent of creating amazing blends that cannot be created with any other form of paint.


I also use a good amount of acrylic paints.

These can be thinned down with water, and give an appearance very close to that of watercolor.

Very resistant to weather once dry.

Some cure in about an hour and others cure in under a minute.



Does your work ever take you out of town/state/country?—>

On occasion, it does.  I have been all over Montana down to Texas over to Colorado.

My favorite time to take jobs out of state/country is during the cold season.

I like to head south for the winter.

I am a very talented artist and would consider traveling as far as Italy, with the proper accommodations.

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